40% Uplift in Category Favourability for Oddbox

Brand Uplift / Instagram / FMCG

70% ad recall

15% increase in brand consideration

16% increase in perceived brand sustainability

12% increase in brand usage

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Food, lifestyle, health and wellness, sustainability, vegan, DIY, nature
Increase brand awareness and shift perceptions, grow a new customer base. Provide detailed insights – track directly attributed sales to develop the brand funnel further and create a detailed customer profile using brand studies.
To build mass awareness of OddBox we created the VEGpledge movement to eat more veg during the month of January. Driving brand preference and loyalty during this time, audiences were actively primed for performance in the second phase. Using product shots paired with inspirational recipes on how to use fruit and veg, supported by personal stories around the impact of Oddbox, we converted that readymade awareness into consideration. Pushing people to trial the product.

What made
this campaign influential?

Narrative Transportation
Make it personal – demonstrating how the brand aided in a personal story for influencers built a genuine connection to the brand.
Truthiness Effect
Show don’t tell right? Influencers who didn’t just talk about a product, but showed it in action increased engagement.
Source Certainty Effect
You can fake confidence but we all know honesty is the best policy. Influencers who spoke honestly about the brand – from the product to the price – convincingly explained both the pros and cons and encouraged purchase.

“After seeing the content people were more likely to see Oddbox as a sustainable brand.”

Carrie Mash
Partnerships Marketing Manager