Global Performance Campaign Doubles Influencer ROI 

Brand Uplift / Instagram / FMCG
Rosetta Stone

170%  ROI

2%  CTR

3% CVR


+400 videos

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Anime, Kpop, Expat, Travel, Culture, Family
Deliver an outstanding ROI to build a new customer base. Identify new growth opportunities by reviewing markets and audience segments for expansion. Build foundations for brand sentiment - encouraging brand loyalty in the long term.
Matching influencers to Rosetta Stone’s own brand values, our strategy targeted relevant and niche communities at scale based on value compatibility. Leveraging the brands immersion approach to language learning, influencers were briefed to create a genuine message tailored to their verticals, showing what they’ve learnt and why they needed it . Continual brief development and influencer researching allowed us to identify new markets and opportunities to scale effectively over time.

What made
this campaign influential?

Narrative Transportation
Make it personal – demonstrating how the brand aided in a personal story for influencers built a genuine connection to the brand.
Truthiness Effect
Show don’t tell right? Influencers who didn’t just talk about a product, but showed it in action increased engagement.
Principle of Consistency
Practice makes perfect – influencers showed the brand as a way to easily integrate effective language learning into their everyday life with successful outcomes.

“I am very happy about our partnership with Tailify. The team is super dedicated and feels like an extension of our team. After working together for just one year, we really developed and improved our influencer strategy and we are seeing great results!”

Miram Melchers
Brand Marketing Lead EMEA, Rosetta Stone