Global Performance Campaign Drives 183% ROI

Brand Uplift / Instagram / FMCG

183% ROI

0.27% CTR

4.27% CVR


14 markets

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Animators, Creative Artists, Business & Finance, Comedy, Commentary, Dark Web, E-Commerce, Educational, Entertainment, Family, Gaming, History, Lifestyle, Movies & Series, Music, Vlogs, Photographers, Shows, Sport & Fitness, Tech, Van Life, Videography, Travel
Stimulate growth and steal market share from competitors. Grow into as many markets and relevant verticals as possible to deliver an impressive ROI.
Needing maximum exposure and impact, we devised a macro influencer programme to secure some of the biggest names on YouTube as NordVPN ambassadors. Embedding them into the brand identity, influencer integrations used brand assets framed by behavioural science insights. Like using humour to bond audience, influencer and brand to encourage trust. Or building a sense of exclusivity with loss aversion to boost performance. We continue to create memorable content which deliver results.

What made
this campaign influential?

Narrative Transportation
Make it personal – demonstrating how the brand aided in a personal story for influencers built a genuine connection to the brand.
Speech Disfluency
By speaking about the brand spontaneously, influencers avoided feeling like a branded mouthpiece reading from a script. Using simple and natural language, the brand messaging was understandable and authentic.
An insider’s joke – using simple but effective humour devices influencers can build a persuasive connection between themselves, the brand and audience, increasing brand affiliations and credibility.

“Tailify is a long-term partner of ours and it’s been a pleasure working with them. They’re very dedicated, quick to react to market changes, and have allowed us to reach some amazing results in our influencer marketing strategy!”

Will Androc
Influencer Marketing Executive, NordVPN