For us here at Tailify “You do you” is rooted in the belief that influencers should do what they are best at; create content that inspires, entertains and engages millions of people around the world.

In the last few years, these influencers have become the new media powerhouses. Brands are rushing to influencers to convince them to become the voice of their brand. Suddenly, these creative geniuses have had to become professional businesses, with thousands and even millions of dollars in revenue each year. They now need to handle invoices, decipher briefs, read through long and complicated contracts and distribute posts through various social channels. It’s a process that is currently being handled almost completely via email.

It’s now business first and creating content second. The result of this is that the influencers can spend less time doing what they’re good at, and more time doing stuff that hurts their core value proposition. This runs the risk, that things can go wrong and the content is not of the highest possible standard.

Ultimately, what influencer marketing is about is creating content that inspires people to act. Everything comes down to this content – the pictures, the videos, the blog posts and even songs. If the content is irrelevant, of low quality or uninspiring – the followers will be disappointed and might unfollow the influencer.

The brand will also lose, if the content is not up to standard it doesn’t inspire the followers to act and engage. If the content is of a high standard, relevant and genuine on the other hand, it will create value for all parties; the followers, the brands and the influencers.

We want the influencers to be able to focus on what they do best. We want them to spend time finding the ultimate location for a photo shoot. We want them to meet with people that make them learn more about their specific category and interest. We want them to create content that engages their followers and that brands love.

To do this and at the same time run a professional business they need professional help. That is why we’ve spent the last four years listening to these influencers, gaining deep insight to their everyday life and their requirements. Together we’ve built a Tech solution for the influencers and the brands that offers security, transparency and efficiency. We believe it’s the only way to ensure the influencers can be focused on what they do best; creating content that inspire, entertain and engage their audience. You do you. We’ll handle the rest.

Let us know today if you want to learn more about our solution.

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Fredrik Martini Andersson CMO Tailify


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