What Makes A Content Creator Influential?

What makes an Instagram user influential from a brands perspective? 

An increasing number of brands are acknowledging the influential power held in the accounts of the globes most popular Instagram users – The Content Creators. But how can they be sure that they are selecting the right account for their image? There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting which content creator should represent their brand on the global web.

Brands often make the first mistake by judging an accounts ‘power’ by looking at how many followers they have. Through the hundreds of advertising campaigns carried out by Tailify on Instagram, we have collected and analysed the numerous metrics available to us and outright follower numbers are far less important than you may think. Making sure that what followers are available are within the brands target demographic is a higher priority. We can provide companies with certainty that the Influential accounts we select will provide them with maximum return on their investment. We display this using multiple means:

Engagement The first thing we examine is the engagement ratio, this is the number of likes and comments the user attracts when compared to their overall follower numbers. We have implemented campaigns where content creators with 30,000 followers have a more engaged and loyal follower base than a content creator with 200,000 followers. When the followers interact with the content, it is a sign of interest and approval. That is worth much more to the brand then a user who merely scrolls on by with zero interaction.

Follower Demographics: Age, Gender, Location. This information is super useful for prospective advertisers, who are targeting specific consumer groups, and yet it is often the information they neglect to gather when using influential content creators. We have seen brands use content creators whom 90% of their followers are completely irrelevant to their target audience. A local Swedish fashion brand who had stores only in Sweden once promoted themselves through an also famous Swedish fashion blogger, however less than 10% of her followers were located in the country meaning 90% of their campaign audience was immediately made irrelevant. We were able to contact them and connect them with content creators who had follower bases whose majority was made up of young females living in Sweden, this unquestionably increased the impact of the campaign.

The Cool Factor There are still undeniably aspects to an account of a content creator that big data can not measure. A scroll through an account can often help us decide which accounts are right for each brand. The more information you have about a content creator the easier it is to match them effectively, for example someone who has just promoted the latest workout fashion for Nike, is not relevant to promote Adidas the next week. We take all of this into consideration here at Tailify, and have a team dedicated to vetting potential content creators, and only connecting brands with the people whom we are confident will provide the highest levels of positive engagement.


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