Welcome to Tailify, Phoebe!

Background/Personal Intro:

I am an ambitious, dog-obsessed Northerner with a passion for all things social (and Chinese food). After finishing my Masters in Leeds, I completed an internship in New York, which kick-started my love for city life and led to my move to London last year. I’ve not looked back since!

How has your first days here at Tailify been?

Amazing, everyone has been so lovely and welcoming! From the get go I can tell there is a collective mindset amongst the team, underpinned by genuine passion for the company & a positive approach to work.

Why Tailify?

So I actually first learnt of Tailify when I was sat at a bar in Shoreditch and the Tailify team were in there for their after work drinks.. I couldn't help but notice how well everyone seemed to get along - then I noticed the 'influencer marketing done right' branded bags. Influencer marketing was something I had always been interested in, and the culture of the team seemed like a perfect fit for me so it made complete sense to apply! From an industry perspective, in a world where social media is becoming increasingly saturated with influencer ads, Tailify puts authenticity at the core of everything they do & their campaigns are a clear reflection of this.

Why influencer marketing?

There is no doubt influencer marketing is set to transform the marketing industry, so now seemed like the perfect time to get in on the action. You know what they say - ‘you snooze you lose.’

What story would your best friends tell about you?

Hopefully they’ll say that I’m funny -  but definitely that I have a Chinese take away addiction. 

What is that most people don’t know about you?

That if I seem like the most confident person in the room, it's probably because I am nervous as s***.

What is the worst advice you’ve ever had?

‘’You can’t always get what you want’’ - I believe you can, if you set your mind to it! Despite what the Rolling Stones think.

Favourite restaurant in London?

Shack-Fuyu in Soho - I want their tuna taco’s served at my funeral.

What influencer would you want to have dinner with in that restaurant?

Jonathan Cheban (@Foodgod), need I say more?


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