Welcome to Tailify, Lou & Esme! #TeamMarketing

Tell us about you

L: I’m a Scottish, social media loving chatterbox living in London. I studied Business & Marketing at University and moved to London after graduating. A dreamy combination of great friends, lots of brunch options and some more sunshine has kept me very happy here. My latest adventure is joining Tailify, and I can’t wait to get started!

E: Having led the marketing at the fastest growing agency in Europe for the past two years, I’m excited to join Tailify as their marketing director to help promote and grow the agency alongside the rapidly expanding industry.

Why Tailify & influencer marketing?

L: From the get-go it’s really clear that people are at the heart of everything Tailify does. Everyone is so friendly and fun, while being ambitious and getting sh*t done. It’s a great environment to be in. Plus, influencer marketing has so much potential to change the industry. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

E: Influencer marketing is such a growing industry and Tailify has such a refreshing approach to the market that I jumped at the opportunity to join such a bubbly and fun agency. Their plans for the coming years are going to be so exciting to be a part of.

How have your first days been?

L: They’ve been great, everyone has been super welcoming and friendly. It’s so exciting to meet our clients and see the campaigns coming up in 2020 - watch this space!

E: The first few days at Tailify have been welcoming, very busy and incredibly exciting. It’s a really fast paced agency right at the kick off of its growth so being able to come in and help see this through is going to be amazing.

What would your friends tell us about you?

L: Hopefully all good things… but definitely that I love a Sunday roast, spin classes and G&T’s.

E: Probably that you'll spot my pink hair before me.

Worst advice you've ever been given?

L: “It’s not that spicy, don’t worry” (it’s always too spicy 🌶🥵).

E: “Don’t get involved with influencer marketing”.

Favourite restaurant in London?

L: Randall & Aubin - it’s worth the queue.

E: Pizza Paradise on Brick Lane is an absolute winner for me. The best pizzas in town, on one of the best streets.

What influencer would you want to have dinner with at that restaurant?

L: After much consideration, it's a toss up between Chrissy Teigen (what a hoot) and Emily Weiss, Glossier Founder (total girl crush).

E: Cristine of @SimplyNailogical. She’s a huge Canadian nail artist/YouTuber who is best known for starting the 100 layer challenge. I’ve been following her since she was a faceless page with only a few thousand followers. She still has her job in crime statistics analysis for the Canadian Government and pushes her young followers to stay in school, even paying for their education in some cases. Despite having 7.5m followers, she’s very much an everyday person. I’m not sure I’d take her for pizza though, she’d probably prefer the cat cafe up the road.


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