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Updated: Jan 23

Tell us about you!

C: Born and raised in London (Kensal Rise), I’ve been working in sales for 6 years, previously selling flowers for Freddie’s Flowers and most recently AI technology for a company called LEVERTON. I'm of mixed heritage, Nigerian and English, which is an ode to my love of travelling and experiencing new cultures. I'm a big music, football (Arsenal) and film fan, who once flirted with the idea of art school. Art school didn't happen and I fell into the world of sales, which is how I found Tailify - a company which allows me to get my creative juices flowing by selling creative marketing campaigns.

A: Born curious, I’ve always had a burning passion for learning and evolving. My journey started when I dropped out of college. I left in search of a career that would satisfy both my creative - sometimes crazy - side alongside my strategic, analytical - sometimes OCD - side. Enter: the world of marketing. My second internship was terminated early with a contract offer and I haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve worked across social media, digital, TV, branding, experiential and production. I’ve managed to dip a finger in many different marketing pies before joining Tailify. I’m happy to now be able to approach my work with a laser-point-focus on influencer marketing.

Why Tailify?

C: I was sold a dream by Didrik, David and Claudia…so far the dream seems to be a reality... 

A: In one word: inspiring. The Tailify team know how to make you want to do and be your best. I’ve been armoured with all the information I need to be able to hit the ground running and company culture is the cherry on top.

How have your first days been?

C: Fantastic, couldn’t have had a better start to life at Tailify, the team are really cool and super welcoming. Definitely the best induction I've been through and I'm looking forward to continuing the journey.

A: Tailify actually came to me and - either by coincidence or fate depending on how you choose to see it - it was in perfect timing. I was contacted with the prospect just as I came to a crossroads in my career. I knew I needed somewhere I was guaranteed longevity and progression, and it needed to be a company that aligned with my morals and ethos. The job description seemed too good to be true, and what I sensed from the interview process only further surpassed my expectations.

Why influencer marketing?

C: Influencer marketing is at the forefront of the industry, its current and being part of something which applies to and impacts all of our lives is inspiring.

A: Because brands, and people alike, need to realise that it isn’t a new idea; since caveman days, when our brains grew bigger and our tongues became more flexible, word of mouth and personalised storytelling has been our way to spread innovations and ideas, it's the foundation of civilisation as we know it. The only difference now is that this human quality has been digitised. It has evolved. Influencer marketing takes this innate trait and optimises it to be applied in this digital age that we have leapt into!

What story would your friends tell us about you?

C: Maybe one about a Danger Fives forfeit or 24 hours in Malaysia…

A: Most probably the time I disappeared for two weeks… Top secret stuff.

What is something most people don't know about you?

C: I came very close to being one of the main parts in the new Star Wars movies 

A:  I’m a massive anime fan.

Worst advice you've ever been given?

C: Eat bananas.

A: “You should go into law.”

Favourite restaurant in London?

C: That's like asking to pick between family but if I must, The River Cafe: I've never been disappointed.

A: Shoryu - tonkatsu seafood ramen and takoyaki balls FOR LIFE.

What influencer would you want to have dinner with at that restaurant?

C: The Pope

A: Gucci Mane 


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