Welcome to Tailify, Adrian!

How have your first days here at Tailify been?

Fantastic, the team is incredibly driven. Sometimes small business can be a little unorganised, Tailify is anything but that. The company knows where it wants to go, which is important.

Why Tailify?

Tailify is at the forefront of what I believe IM should be. It’s all about creating moments with users, not throwaway impressions.

Why influencer marketing?

It’s human grade marketing with amazing potential for storytelling. Honestly, who looks at a banner ad anymore?

What story would your best friends say about you?

Nice guy, can go a little bit wild at a buffet though.

What is it that most people don’t know about you?

Embarrassingly as a child, I once sung on TV as part of a choir - it was aired on Christmas day. The evidence may have disappeared in a very bespoke fire.

What is the worst advice you’ve ever had?

Average is fine.

Favourite restaurant in London?

The local Viatnamese in Canada Water. The interior is… interesting… but have never been left disappointed & the food is amazingly fresh.

What influencer would you want to have dinner with in that restaurant?

@therock. He’s definitely partial to a bit of Asian food on his cheat days.


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