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Why I joined Tailify

A couple of weeks ago I moved from a small village in the Alps of Switzerland to London, changing my morning routine from taking the cable car to the top of the mountain, to the subway to the top of a skyscraper. As I have now experienced how it is to work in a start-up, and been exposed to an industry that is completely new to me, I wanted to take the chance and share some of the highlights and learnings from my first months. Enjoy!

Energy, growth, passion, hard work and a lot of big dreams. Those are some words that describe my first day at Tailify. You can feel in the air that things are happening at the office. I loved the combination and the variety of ethnicities in the office, stretching from Scandinavians and French to Sri Lankan and Iranian, as well as the fast-moving influencer industry with consistent change and development. Instantly, I loved the vibe and environment! It’s exactly what I was looking for when I applied for jobs. I was looking for a company with people and a culture that demands high performance, and that invests in me so that I can reach my full potential. How Tailify works with self-development for each and every employee is something that I admire. They allow you to work in a big variety of projects and through different departments and constantly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone. To grow together with Tailify! It’s impressive to hear the fast journey my co-workers have done at the company, from a 2-month internship to being the manager of a department in less than 18 months. The fast paced startup culture, as well as being a part of improving an entire industry and marketing medium, intrigued me massively and the reason why I joined Tailify. To work in the new era of marketing feels super exciting and the power of influencer marketing is something I truly believe in. I want to be able to stand for what I sell, and I can fully support Tailify’s approach to influencer marketing. From day one, I was given a lot of responsibility which felt a bit scary but at the same time so much fun and it’s a good feeling that the founders and my colleagues believed in me from the start. During my first week, I followed all departments to get an overview of the company, it was nice to see how everyone interacts with each other and how each employee create value with their individual expertise in the campaigns. Early on I had sessions with the co-founders to understand the values and become a “Tailiyfier”, this in combination with all the responsibility - feels that I already have been here for a long time. I live to learn and with fascination and eager to understand more about influencer marketing, I watched my new colleagues work. One of my strongest impressions from last week is how everything can be measured and evaluated, something I didn’t think was possible before starting at Tailify. There is a whole new terminology for me like ROI, KPI, Value per followers... I definitely have some homework to do. I therefore swiftly and deeply understood one of Tailify’s core values, to be cold headed and warm hearted. The importance of combining data, technology, and science together with creativity, emotions, and experience, how it requires both to succeed.

I could not be more thrilled to start my work as a Junior Sales Executive, spending my days adding and creating value for Tailify’s clients by helping them navigate in the world of influencer marketing and releasing the true power of influencers. Wish me good luck!


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