The importance of creativity in driving performance results via creators

Updated: Aug 11

By Sebastien Prevot, Client Success Manager at Tailify

It’s like asking an artist to create a song, but that the producer will force him to use a list of words and a rhythm and words that follow the artist style.

After working for almost 3 years at Tailify, I have seen many briefs coming my way, some good and some… bad. I have personally experimented with different approaches and of course tracked everything because, without data, you can only make blind assumptions. If you are reading this post, it might be because you want to smash your next performance campaign, so I am going to explain to you why you should throw your scripted brief to the bin.

If you think that explaining how unique your product is and that presenting all of its features should be the only thing that the influencers should talk about, you are wrong. What I see is that the majority of performance campaigns are done without creativity, they are too scripted, and feel like regular ads, just pushed through influencers. These brands are using briefs which restrict the influencers’ creativity, including hundreds of requirements: “Do this at the beginning of the videos, say that in the middle, focus on this USP because it’s VERY important…. Oh, and don’t forget to say this at the end of the video!” Think about it, it’s like asking an artist to create a song, but that the producer will force him to use a list of words and a rhythm and words that follow the artist style. The result? Most likely a song without personality that the fans will dislike

It works the same way with influencer marketing; scripted content performs on average 73% worse in terms of tracked ROI. We found this out via doing a deep dive into creativity. We categorized more than 740 pieces of YouTube creator into different levels of creativity vs scripted. We discovered that the more creativity the influencers put into the content, the better the results were. As simple as that.

So, my advice? Throw away the script and let the creator create. Of course, you need to help them understand your product and brainstorm with them on how you as a brand can add value to the creator’s audience. But don’t be afraid to trust the creator.

The result? More fun. And better performance.

Using this approach helped us to deliver a 68%+ ROI campaign. For an initial investment of $100,000, the creators that we carefully selected generated $168,000 worth of sales. If you want more information on how to properly run your next performance campaign, get in touch with me!

Here are two great examples of campaigns we have done with Rosetta Stone and NordVPN with a great outcome.


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