Tailify Influencer Interview: Mike Kus

Mike Kus. A designer, photographer and father with over 800,000 followers on Instagram. A man to keep your eyes on. In this exclusive interview he tells us about the everyday challenges he encounters as an influencer, the source of his inspiration and his best tips for creating breathtaking content.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m a designer and photographer specialising in branding, web design, illustration and photography. I’m also a father of three and therefore my life is a mix of family, design and photography.

 “Try to capture an image that tells a story.”

Why do you enjoy being an influencer?

I enjoy taking pictures and that’s where it all started for me. To capture experiences and share them with friends and family is something that always been close to heart. Working with selected brands is just an extension of this for me. Also, being a designer I enjoy executing a brief and photography is no different

Who are your biggest influences? Who inspires you in your everyday work as an influencer?

I have a wide variety of influences in design and photography. With photography, I’m inspired by what surrounds me. You never know when you’ll be compelled to take a picture. From day to day I have no idea what images I’ll be sharing but when the moment arrives, it arrives. I’m also inspired by many other photographers in Instagram, sometimes browsing around is all I need to get new ideas.

What are your best tips for creating great content?

Capture the moment. For me, creating great content is about being ready to capture it when you least expect. Also, with my images, I always try to recreate the feeling of what is was like to be there at the time. Try to capture an image that tells a story. Try to recreate the atmosphere of the moment in the image.

What is your biggest challenge as an influencer?

I think it’s time. I run a small branding/web design business, so scheduling photo trips around this and my family life can be a challenge… but it always seems to work out and it’s for sure worth it for all the new experiences I gain through these trips.

 “Creating great content is about being ready to capture it when you least expect.”

How do you choose which brands to work with?

For me taking photos is about sharing experiences, so I love to work with brands that are experiential in nature. I like to work with brands that I feel I have a common ground with. I want to be able to help brands tell their story in a genuine and engaging way, for me that’s very important.

Tell us a bit about the LG campaign you recently did.

This was a really great campaign for me as it was about exploring the world around me through the medium of mobile photography. I often use a phone for taking pictures as it’s the camera that I most often have on me. With this campaign, I wanted to capture the South of England in all its springtime glory. I used my local surroundings to show off what the LGG6 camera was capable of.

You have also done a c2c Rail campaign with us. How has your experience working through Tailify been?

My experience working with Tailify has been great. They understand and respect the kind of work you do and approach you with relevant campaigns. They also trust you to produce the content in a way that works for both the brand and the influencer.

What’s up next for you?

I have a number of projects I’m currently working on. Check out my Instagram feed to follow along.

Follow Mike on Instagram: @mikekus

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