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Loving Mother, passionate photographer and interior lover. This and more describes Hannah Argyle, a very successful lifestyle and photography influencer who, we can proudly say, is part of our influencer network. With over 232,000 followers Hannah is one of the most followed family and photography based influencer. Today we are speaking with Hannah about how she balances family and work and what her thoughts are on the ongoing evolution of Instagram.

You have a beautiful feed. You feature a range of travel, family, arts and crafts, style and floristry content on your Instagram feed. Do you enjoy creating content with your family the most? Thank you so much! I really do yes, I love photographing people so for me to have been able to make photographing my own children my job is a dream come true. Those moments are really the ones that mean the most to me too.

Do you find it difficult juggling being a full-time mum and a full-time content creator? Yes, it’s definitely a juggling act, but I’ve been self-employed for a long time now, I set up a picture framing company about 9 years ago, so I am used to the compromises that comes with being self-employed. You don’t get set work hours, or paid holiday, but you can be flexible, work with a child in your lap and dish out all the cuddles needed, and never miss a sports day or school play! I count myself very lucky and this is really exactly what I’d always hoped for.

Can it get stressful trying to achieve a very specific shot you have in mind with the boys? Occasionally I don’t get what I had in mind, but I don’t let it get stressful. I try to keep it fun for them, to the extent that they hardly notice when I have the camera out. I prefer my shots to be candid and the kids to look natural, and most of our little missions which I know might be about getting a photo, to the boys have just been a fun adventure and we have some really great memories! Not many kids get taken to the park at sunrise in Star Wars costumes on a school day!

Are you worried about the impact internet and social media will have on your kids when they are older? Yes definitely, I think it’s a concern and certainly something to keep in mind all the time. I would never post anything that I feel would embarrass them in the future, and I don’t follow them around with a camera or post them in stories every day. I’m careful not to reveal our exact whereabouts and usually post a little later than when I actually was somewhere! Although I’m very open and honest in some respects online, I only ever reveal my own feelings and actions and keep private things which impact on my family. I’m well aware that what goes on the internet stays there forever, and I would hate the kids to read something I’d written in years to come that they didn’t understand or know about. Social media is bound to be a part of their future, so I think it’s good to set an example of how you can have a healthy relationship with it, remain safe and secure online, and yet enjoy friendships and also be honest and open without having to tell people every tiny thing about yourself.

What do you find is or has been the biggest challenge to get to where you are now, running a super successful and aesthetically pleasing Instagram account? The biggest challenge for me is the way that Instagram itself constantly changes as a platform. We seem to be always second guessing how it works and where it is heading, and recent changes certainly seem to be in favour of a paid reach and not an organic one. This is a real shame, especially for those of us who have worked hard for years, and gained followers through consistently creating good content, not using bots or by buying them! All we can ever do though is stay true to ourselves and keep on posting images we believe in!

What type of brands do you really love collaborating with? I love collaborating with homewares brands, and my recent collaboration with Ikea was a really fun one. It gives me huge satisfaction to work within my home and to be able to earn money from all the hard work I’ve put in here! I also loved working with Club Med earlier this year. They fully embraced the family holiday experience and it was a wonderful holiday for all of us. Travel opportunities aren’t easy for me to accept, and I don’t like being away from the boys much, so it’s really nice when opportunities come along for us to travel together. Which makes sense really, seeing as most of my followers are parents! They like to see family holidays!

If you weren’t a full-time blogger and photographer are there any other passions you would pursue as a full-time job? Until very recently I was running my picture framing business as well, so if Instagram and blogging hadn’t become so consuming I would no doubt still be doing that. If anything goes wrong for me with Instagram I would hopefully go back to where I began with photography with wedding and portrait sessions, as well as writing photography articles and teaching photography workshops.

Where has been your and your kids favourite place to visit? I think it would have to be Marrakesh, where we went with Club Med. Maybe just because it was the most relaxed experience we’ve had, and we all had such a good time, but also it’s such a fascinating place and the aesthetic was perfect for my photography. I would love to explore it further.

A big thank you to Hannah for doing this interview despite her very busy schedule and giving us an insight into her life as a successful influencer. Follow her here to see some of her amazing pictures and her upcoming exciting collaborations.

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