Staying social, in anti-social times

For most, day-to-day life has changed dramatically in the face of Coronavirus. The majority of workforces are now working remotely, events are being cancelled and shop shelves are bare. While everything on the outside world is on hold, we are going online more than ever 📲.

COVID-19 content is flooding our feeds and 25% of people report using social media more to stay up-to-date. From information and support to entertainment, online communities are a lifeline in these uncertain times.

WHO’s #SafeHands Challenge has been viewed as a TikTok hashtag nearly 800 million times. Celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger and Mariah Carey have joined in to share their 20 second hand washing clips and encourage their audiences to do so too 🤲.

Local communities have been brought together through a hashtag#ViralKindness movement started by Becky Wass. The simple postcards are a way of offering help to neighbours who might be self-isolating or elderly 🏡.

Meanwhile, on the entertainment front, Chris Martin and John Legend are delighting fans by streaming live performances via IGTV. Gyms are streaming workouts via Zoom and Netflix have introduced Netflix Party, which allows you and friends to stream, pause and message simultaneously.

In these anti-social times, social media is our friend ❤️️


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