Spotlight of the week! - Katie McKane

Hello Katie, what are you thinking right now?

How happy I am that the 30-degree heat has gone away for a few days, I may have been born in the summer but I’m definitely an autumn girl at heart!

How did you end up at Tailify and why influencer marketing?

When I was at University studying Event Management, I took the Digital Marketing module, which was where I had my first taste of Influencer Marketing. I knew of IM obviously, any teen growing up with social media see’s the #Ad post on a daily basis, however, this module fully fuelled my interest (just ask my lecturer who noticed me being more awake suddenly for our 9 am lectures) and I instantly started researching how I could make it my job. After graduating, I was lucky enough to land internships at two large Influencer Marketing agencies, where I was shown the ropes of the industry and given my first experiences of how to run campaigns for global brands from pitch to report.

When these internships had finished I received a message on LinkedIn from a connection at Tailify, describing the current open roles they had and if I was interested in any of them. I had heard of Tailify whilst working at my internships and the more I looked into the company and I was getting increasingly impressed. I have a passion for psychology and was always a closet geek for numbers and data, so as soon as I saw Tailify’s motto of ‘Cold Headed and Warm Hearted’ I knew that I had to work for them.

As they say ‘The rest is history…”.

What do you believe in today that you didn’t believe in before you started at Tailify?

There are many things that I believe in now that I didn’t believe in before starting at Tailify, but probably the most important to me is that my opinion is valuable. A lot of people always tell you to not care what others think, and to always have confidence no matter what - but I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that all that is said easier than done. The best thing about Tailify is that it is a community, as well as a workplace. If you spend even one day at Tailify then you will know what I mean. Everyone’s opinion is valued, no matter your title, or experience, everyone learns and listens from each other. I have always been encouraged to speak up and voice my opinions.

What does the word “Influence” mean to you?

Influence to me is using the power of a connection. In today’s world we are more connected than ever, and influence can come from almost anywhere - whether that be your parents, your sister, your favourite musician or favourite creator. It’s the strength of the connection and shared values that create the power of influence - that’s why you're more likely to be persuaded by your mum or your best friend to do something rather than a random person on the tube.

Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

I am lucky to have had quite a few inspirational people in my life, my parents of course being the important two. They have always had the strength to be themselves, and have always encouraged me to be my own person and not go with the crowd if it made me unhappy, I owe them a lot for that. I would also like to say to my school English teacher Mr Atwood, who taught me a lot of things - but the most impactful thing he taught me is that there is always room for joy on a rainy day, you’ve just got to be willing to find it.

What’s the difference between influence and influencer?

Influence is a powerful psychological force, and influencers are the facilitators of that force. They can create it, harness it, make it stronger. What separates good influencers from great influencers is the understanding of the connection that they have with their audience. If they understand, they will know why their audience follows them, what values and experiences they share, and ultimately what influence they have over them. You can only be a true influencer once you understand the power of your influence.

Describe the ‘Typical Talifyer’

Someone who is passionate, a team player and a forward-thinker.

What is your motto in life?

“Well done is better than well said.”

Where do you go/what do you do when you need to find new inspiration?

Not to sound like I’m 21 going on 81, but when I feel stuck and need to think, my favourite place is to go to the local beach (I'm a proper water baby) and stick on some classical music, there’s a song for every emotion and story, and trust me - it’s a lot easier to concentrate without lyrics.

What does influencer marketing, data and psychology have in common?

Influencer marketing, at its heart, is data and psychology. Social media is where we put all of our thoughts and feelings, it’s the modern way of observing behaviour. Influencer marketing uses data to measure the impact of these behaviours on the observers - their audience. There is a lot more to influencer marketing than just taking pretty pictures, it’s months of researching and optimisation, you have to understand why this content will have an impact- not just because it looks nice.

What is your favourite thing about working with clients?

Building a long-lasting relationship whilst working to create groundbreaking campaigns, after all, they know their brand better than anyone! I enjoy the collaboration the most, bouncing ideas around and creating something magical, it’s an electric creative experience.

Last question, If you were an influencer - what type of influencer would you be and why?

Well now that my dreams of becoming big on TikTok might be ruined forever, I’d probably say a Health and Wellness influencer, I’m really inspired by those who talk openly about mental health and body positivity, as I have had some experience with these topics when I was younger and I’d like to be able to inspire young people to be comfortable in their own skin and encourage open discussions around difficult topics.

Want to see more of Katie, here's a link to her LinkedIn profile.


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