Spotlight of the week! - Geri 'Cookie' Baylova

Hi Geri! What are you thinking about right now?

Chocolate and pizza

How would you describe what you do at Tailify?

I am currently part of the technical team behind the Tailify platform. As a software developer, my role involves lots of coffee, writing code, debugging and bug fixing for the higher purpose of ensuring that Tailify is a reliable platform, suitable for every influencer marketing campaign.

What is it like working from Tailify’s Sofia Office?

Our team is quite small but, as they say, we share laughs and tears together and so the working environment is very friendly and uplifting. To draw the full picture here, I must also say that our office is surely just as cool as our team. I guess my favourite perk is the amazing rooftop view, especially when combined with a cup of steaming, hot cappuccino.

How would you describe the Sofia office?

I really enjoy the office culture, cultivated within the team, and our weekly rituals that come with it. Let me be more specific here. We are probably the only team that finds Monday mornings to be a complete bliss. Why? Well, because Monday mornings we have a lovely breakfast waiting for us, courtesy of Vlad, who is even going an extra mile to put our absolute favourites on the table. 💜

What does a typical working day look like?

My day always starts with a cup of coffee on the rooftop, enjoying the mountain view and getting ready for new adventures. Then we have a standup and the fun begins! Put simply - every day at work brings new challenges and interesting problems to solve.

Name one thing your colleagues would never know about you?

When I was five years old I was thinking that when I put gum in my hair it will start growing faster. That was the story of how my mother cut my hair.

What do you enjoy most about working as a software engineer?

Quite honestly, from my first “Hello World” I knew there was something special between me and programming. Love at first sight, so to speak.

I always wanted to contribute to the wellbeing of society by creating something tangible that could make life better in some way. Software engineering gives me that every day. I also love to learn new things and this particular field is requiring you to constantly learn, evolve and improve your skill set. I simply believe I could never get bored with it.

How would you describe your team?

We are a cool gang that likes to have fun and enjoys working on the platform. We have a lot of fun together and I quickly started missing everyone with the quarantine in place. Hopefully, soon everything goes back to normal and we can go back to the office. For now, however, we will have to do with online coffee breaks to catch up.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

The thing that I like about my job is that every day there is a new challenge. I love challenges! Whenever there is a problem to solve I just can’t stop thinking about it until I find a solution. This is where my motivation is coming from.

If you were an influencer - what type of influencer would you be and why?

In the last 16-17 years I have been struggling with scoliosis and it has been a small fight every day. It is bringing along a lot of back problems and at times it can be a living nightmare. If I gather the courage to go in the public eye of social media, I will be some kind of a fitness influencer with a focus on back problems. I would like to tackle issues like how to live with back problems, how to handle the pain, accept your body and change it in a way that will help you in leading a normal life.

What do you think is the main difference between the London-Sofia Office?

About 200 days of sunny weather :D

What’s your proudest moment in your Tailify career?

When we rewrоte the whole front end part of the platform for three weeks. That was the moment when we truly learned how to trust and help each other in order to work in the most efficient way.

What personal characteristics do you feel are necessary to be a successful engineer?

Passion and motivation combined with discipline and persistence. In my opinion these are prerequisites for success in pretty much anything. One should feel fire when thinking about the desired goal, be ready to put the work in it and at the same time be humble enough to know that there is always more to learn.

Last question, What’s the biggest improvement you’ve seen since starting at Tailify?

I find truly amazing how the platform has been changing during the last few months. It is evolving every day and it is getting better and better. Seeing how our work is materialising into something great is fulfilling and motivating not only for me but for the whole team.

Want to see more of Geri, here's a link to her LinkedIn profile


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