Spotlight of the week! - Fredrik Martini Andersson

Hi Fredrik, What are you thinking about right now?

Right now, I’m trying to figure out why I’d prefer not to be in the spotlight. But I remember my teacher told me when I was younger, that she’d noticed that I’d sometimes choose not to participate, rather than risk making a fool of myself. It made me miss great opportunities to challenge myself and to shine. So I guess this is another step in the right direction...

You are one of our founders of Tailify. In short, tell us how and why you decided to start Tailify?

I’ve always put a lot of energy into improving or inventing things, and I still do. Tailify is one of 50, 100 or 1000 ideas I’ve had throughout my life. The difference is that it happened. We decided to do it. We specifically noticed that our behaviour, and especially our consumer behaviour had changed. It had changed based on content we consumed from different sources of influence. When we noticed that we didn’t buy the same clothes, visited the same restaurants or changed our preference for watches, then we knew this was going to change the world. I still today believe that those sources of influence drives human behaviour and determines the future of brands. If you were an influencer - what type of influencer would you be and why? Most of my sources of influence are dead. I often hear I was born 40 or 50 years too late. One of my biggest heroes is Johnny Carson - the host of The Tonight Show from 1962-1992. To make sure almost everyone in an entire country goes to bed with a smile on their face, every night, every year, for 30 years, is something I would be proud of on my deathbed.

What is your motto?

I have a list of principles that I try to live by, many of them summarised by quotes or mottos. When I try to recite them, I often mix one or two words up so that it doesn’t make sense at all. However, if I could teach my younger self something, I would explain the power of the compound effect. Reaping huge rewards from seemingly small actions. Small improvements + consistency = results. Look at any successful company, athlete or artist if you need evidence. Continuous Improvement compounds just like compound interest on an investment. So does knowledge and bad habits.

Name one thing your colleagues would never know about you?

I thought I tended to be quite open and honest about most things, to both my advantage and disadvantage. However, I’ve just watched Brené Browns talk about vulnerability on Netflix, and came to the conclusion that there is another level of being open and honest. I don’t think we talk or think enough about our deepest fears or what hurts us, nor do we face them. But I also do believe that people should deserve it before you tell them. Right now, I’m working on figuring out what my deepest fears are, why I have them, and who I should share them with. And that’s something I think people don’t know.

What is the main thing your Tailify Journey has teached you?

How to be a better person.

How do you think Influencer Marketing is going to change in the future?

Influencer marketing is still influencer marketing. Yes, the industry has more structure, professionalism and data than when we started seven years ago. But has it reached its full potential? - No. I believe the biggest change, the revolution, will happen within the next two years. With the right data, psychology research and the right people someone will figure out what influence is, how it moves and how to create it. If you understand that - you understand the modern world. I believe that someone will be Tailify.

What does influencer marketing, data and psychology have in common?

Without data you can’t track behaviour. Without psychology, you can’t understand it.

What’s your biggest tip to stay motivated?

Well, it depends. To really stay hungry and motivated most people need to know why they are doing something. Why does it matter? What is the purpose? Why am I here? Before you think of how to stay motivated, think about what motivates you. Then spend some more time thinking about why that motivates you. Then question if it’s right or if you’ve just tricked yourself into believing it should motivate you. Then try to find great minds who’ve written about motivation. Then question what motivates you again. Somewhere in this process I think you’ll find your own ways of how to stay motivated.

What characteristics are necessary to become a Tailifyer?

A cold head and a warm heart.

What is one thing that surprised you working with Influencer Marketing?

I was surprised how much of it is based on gut-feeling. The influence economy is much more complex than people think. The relationship between an influencer and their community is too. Influence is a science. We believe that the only way to map out the influence economy, determine what influence is and figure out how to leverage it - is by using data, intelligent insights and psychology research.

Last question, what’s the biggest improvement you’ve seen since starting Tailify?

When I look back at the company we were seven years ago, I both laugh and feel proud. I’m most proud of the culture the people at Tailify have created. Without a great culture, you don’t get the right people. And even if you do - they will not be able to realise their full potential.

Want to see more of Fredrik, here's a link to his LinkedIn profile


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