Spotlight of the week! - Christina Mangan

Hello Chrissy, what are you thinking right now?

I’m thinking I’m hungry. I have 10 minutes ‘til my next call but my fridge has nada in it...

How did you end up at Tailify and why Influencer marketing?

It was during the early hours of the morning and I was scrolling through LinkedIn when I spotted the Account Management role. Oprah calls it her “Aha” moment but I just had a gut feeling that I should apply for it and here we are, 10 months later...

But to be honest, it was more than a midnight click and send. I’ve always been interested in the ways people interact with products and the psychological driving forces behind consumption habits. And so with the increasing power and prevalence of influencer marketing, Tailify seemed like the perfect place for me.

What do you believe in today that you didn’t believe in before you started at Tailify?

Myself. I have always been confident in my abilities and I believe that I can achieve great things. However, in the 10 months that I have been working at Tailify I have grown a team, managed people virtually, made some great friends and really found my voice. All of these are massive feats and I’m very proud of having developed them so quickly within the Tailify team.

What is your superpower?

The gift of the gab!

What does the word “Influence” mean to you?

I’m walking along the supermarket aisle and I pick up a jar of Branston pickle. Do I like pickle? Erm, sure why not. Do I want the pickle? Maybe. Do I need the pickle? No, not really.

That’s influence right there.

What’s the difference between influence and influencer?

“Influencer” is a name that gets thrown a lot with no real substance to it. However, a person of influence has true standing and the ability to affect how people, think, act and behave.

I know which one I’d prefer to be known as!

Describe the ‘Typical Talifyer’

To be honest there are no “Typical Talifyer’s”. If you were to look at us individually we have a range of interests, varying backgrounds and differences in the way we approach things. However, there is one clear commonality amongst us all, and that’s that a tangible drive to succeed both in a personal and professional capacity.

What is your motto in life?

I don't have one to be honest - I just take each day as it comes and roll with the punches.

Where do you go/what do you do when you need to find new inspiration?

Meeting new people. Whether that be through travel, or through work, I’m inspired by meeting people from varying cultures and backgrounds. However, sometimes just putting a halt on everything and giving your brain time to switch off can be the best way to let new ideas flow.

What does influencer marketing, data and psychology have in common?

People. Without people we would have no influencers to market branded products to, meaning would have no data to analyse to seek patterns in engagement/consumption behaviours ultimately resulting in us having no psyches to tap into.

Last question, If you were an influencer - what type of influencer would you be and why?

The type of influencer that is surrounded by dogs at all times. Does that exist? Who knows.

Want to see more of Chrissy. here's a link to her LinkedIn profile.


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