Puig announce Tailify as their global influencer marketing partner

After a six month extensive search for an influencer marketing partner, PUIG picks Tailify to handle their influencer marketing efforts around the world.

Puig, who is behind brands such as Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne and Carolina Herrera have been searching for someone who can help them identify the right influencers, advise on strategy and execution and measure the impact of the influencer collaborations in a sophisticated way.

“It’s important for us to understand how we can become a part of the influencer content, without disturbing the followers of the influencers. The goal for us is to inspire and entertain with beautiful, authentic and relevant content. We want the influencer to become an extension of our voice, and vice versa. This is where Tailify’s cold headed and warm hearted approach resonated with how we want influencer marketing to be executed”. - Johannes Wilbrenninck, Innovation Director, Puig.

“The cold headed and warm hearted approach means we combine data, technology and science with creativity, emotions and experience. If you are aiming to create moments, between the most creative people in the world and their loyal fans, you can’t just look at data. You need to understand both the influencer and the follower, and their relationship.” - Fredrik Martini Andersson, Founder and Head of Partnerships.

"We have run test campaigns with several platforms and agencies, where Tailify has outperformed the competition. With access to the platform that hosts the top influencers in their category, we were able to select the highest performers based on data rather than gut feeling. In addition, the creative guidance both from Tailify and the influencers made it easier to tailor the campaign message and content to what the audience resonates with" Johannes continues.

“We've always put a lot of effort into measuring and ultimately understanding the impact of influencer marketing. We can measure exactly how much each £1 spent on influencer marketing returns in sales – something most brands never knew was possible. We also go deep into the effect on the brain, having carried out neuroscientific studies over the past year. Today, we understand and can measure the whole consumer decision-making journey, from influencer post to purchase. Ultimately, our deep insight allows us to make better influencer marketing campaigns”, says Fredrik.

“We aim to work with companies who take influencer marketing seriously. Companies that want to make sure what followers get to see in their feed is of the highest quality and relevance. Over the last six months, it’s been clear to us Puig is one of those companies” – Fredrik.


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