Our Documentary

Our documentary is going viral!

We’ve made a documentary about the rising power of influential content creators on social media and how they affect people all around the world. More specifically we’ve tried to focus on their affect on consumer purchase decisions and their view of different brands, and how the different social media platforms plays a huge role in this process. We’ve interviewed people that represent some of the world’s largest brands, and influencer’s with large followings.

It’s already been published on Hypebeast, Highsnobiety and Complex. Link to our documentary.

“These are the people we’re very familiar with (digitally) — the bloggers, vloggers and uploaders that have plagued our social media outlets. As new-age trendsetters, these influential content creators have huge pull on people’s behavior — on their shopping and consumer habits, which have shifted focus on how brands and labels can leverage this power. Learn a little more about how the fast-paced digital world has changed consumerism from industry experts above.”


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