Meet Tailify – Guy Edwards

Guy Edwards joins Tailify as the new Sales Director and will be working from our HQ in London.

Tell us a bit about yourself? I’m Guy and I’ve recently joined The Tailify team at the London HQ. In my last role at the new business consultancy UpfrontBD I was running a BD team generating new business opportunities for Agencies and Mar-Tech firms of all disciplines. I have been in new business for the last decade and adore it. My roles have taken me from selling agency new business tools, development / digital propositions and ultimately running, developing and teaching new business people how to excel. I’m passionate about social and influencer marketing work. To be able to count myself part of the Tailify team is a dream for me.

Tell us in your own words what Tailify do? Influencer marketing done well – or more correctly “done the right way” is formidably powerful at delivering reach and engagement to educated and savvy consumers. Rather than being a blind transmisson – it represents a form of highly informed word of mouth marketing. We’ve all seen the global articles on LinkedIn “throwing rocks” at all the times that influencer work has been done poorly! The reason I jumped at the chance to join the Tailify team was we have eliminated all those “Sacred Cows” that seem to be touted by people in our industry.

Influencer marketing isn’t uncontrollable UGC! It’s highly curated, well matched content from professional and transparent businesses. Tailify, the marketplace and our algorithm lead approach are at the vanguard of the industry. To be part of that vanguard is for me both a privilege, incredibly exciting and bloody enjoyable!

What does a regular days work at Tailify HQ involve for you? I’m typically in before 9am, reading all the morning’s insights from our industry. As a business with a global focus there’s a fair bit to keep up to date with, from there the day consists of pure-play new business outreach, both in terms of keeping in touch with longer term opportunities and putting Tailify on the radar of key brands, liaising with the CS team on all the campaigns and how they are progressing. From then, I’m out of the office a lot meeting marketing teams to discuss what they are looking to achieve and aligning with our approach. We do things very differently to other businesses in our space. It’s key to our success. So there can be a good deal of education of the market that we exist, I get a real kick out of hearing a marketing team’s challenges around influencer work and showing them how we solve them. I suppose that’s why new business is my passion.

Who do you follow on Instagram? What are your favourite accounts? I’m obsessed with Instagram, I am a complete meme addict – the danker the better. My personal account is full of outdoor brands, UK fashion brands, food/cookery profiles and lastly fly fishing accounts and people, a second obsession. I also follow a good deal of our key influencers from the platform. I used to use Facebook a lot, but since I joined the gram I am rarely on Facebook. I use Instagram as a messaging platform as well, so I’m deeply attached to the platform.

Do you have any advice for those hoping to nab a job at Tailify HQ? Be passionate about influencer work, know your stuff, come ready to impress and deliver. We are in a great position of having a really strong and impressive team here, our culture is one of hard work and success, we celebrate our client’s successes in a big way. If that’s you give us a shout.

Connect with Guy here.


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