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We are the home of influencers. We believe that influencer marketing comes down to creating content that engages and inspires people all around the world. In order for influencers to focus solely on this, we know that they need support, love and care, which is what we intend to give them. We are building the most advanced and user-friendly technology around the influencers. It allows them to become a professional business in a few minutes. It will allow them to leave time-consuming email conversations, invoicing and legal contracts aside – and be the creative genius they deserve to be. As part of this mission, we have hired Alice Pavin to be our official influencer host. Read more about her and her role below.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Who is Alice? I started at Tailify 6 months ago and recently became the Influencer Host at the company. Before Tailify I did a little bit of everything. It all started with not coming back home from a holiday in Spain. After 4 months of “manaña, manaña” I left the summer paradise and moved to the ultimate Winter Wonderland, spending my days skiing and working as a sous chef in the Austrian alps. From there I moved to London to work with something that has always been close at heart – influencer marketing. I always found the impact a social media post can have inspiring. How a single post can inspire and engage millions of people around the world – THAT is something.

What do you love most about working at Tailify?

It is exciting working in a company where the tempo is high. Where the team constantly expands, the platform evolves and the influencers community grows. But it’s not only Tailify that develops, the Influencer marketing field itself changes daily. We’re talking new features like branded content tools, story swipe ups and hashtag following tools. You have to stay up to date, one faux pas and you’re out of there.

Best Instagram account to follow right now?

As the true Instagram junkie I am, this might be the most challenging question to answer. Can I choose three? If so, I choose @arielle for posting Instagram stories that always makes me laugh, @majawhy for her ability to turn everything into art and @solangesmith for being… cute I guess.

What is your advice to influencers in their work of getting more campaigns?

The key is to be fast and cooperative on email, keep your profile on Tailify updated with the correct information and allow push notifications on the Tailify app. When you get campaign offers, choose to promote brands that you would only use yourself to stay authentic. Create high-quality content and go the little extra mile to get great engagement (why not throw in a bonus Instagram story?).

What is your advice to grow your Instagram account?

Throw yourself out there, go on events, meet other influencers, brands and industry peers and don’t be afraid of asking people for help. Find a niche, something that you really enjoy and go all in. Be aware of that becoming an influencer doesn’t happen overnight and that you have to put a lot of work into it. Are you ready to do that?

What is the main goal for you in your new position as the Influencer Host?

I want to build the best community for our Influencers. Tailify should be more than just a platform where you “can get a campaign”. In my new position, I will do my best to offer more value to our influencers – ensuring that they are updated on new features, providing them with support and arrange events for them to meet other content creators, brands and the Tailify team.


Are you an Influencer that wants to collaborate with Tailify? Email for questions or to arrange a meet-up. Feel free to sign up at our platform here.

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