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Back in March 2016, Instagram announced that it would implement an algorithm change which would order posts based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content. Naturally this caused Insta-chaos. Influencers, worried that they would disappear from people’s feeds, flooded the photo-sharing app asking followers to turn on notifications to receive an alert every time they post something new.

1% of Instagram users got to experience the new Instagram feed algorithm. In June 2016, Instagram rolled it out worldwide, it was one of their fastest world wide roll outs.  So, how does it affect our feed? Here are the key measures of the algorithm change which determine what you now see in your feed.

– People who’s content you interact with – People you direct message – People you search for – People you know in real life – People who’s content get a lot of engagement – Timeliness and how recent the posts are


The results of the algorithm change are that you primarily see content from your close friends and quality content from influencers with high engagement ratios. The more often you’ve searched for, or sent direct messages to, the higher the accounts that you follow will show up in your feed.


Influencers on our platform noticed a substantial increase in their engagement ratio due to the algorithm change.

– Larger influencer accounts (300,000+ followers): Increased engagement of 24.30%. – Medium influencers (100-299,999 followers) Increased engagement of 11.22%. – Smaller influencers (10-99,999 followers) Increase engagement of 10.01%.


However, brand accounts were seeing lower engagement than previously. Ways to get around this are by collaborating with influencers to create authentic engagement around the brand and content that the brand can re-use on their account.

More changes.. Yesterday, Instagram introduced Location Stories and Hashtag Stories, its version of the algorithmically curated stories. These new features consist of images and videos gathered from public stories, and stitched together based on hashtag and location. They’ll be watchable as cohesive, curated videos in Instagram’s Explore tab and on location pages.

We see the Instagram algorithm change as a clear sign on intent from Instagram to support strong content from relevant accounts. Given its focus on engagement, and quality over quantity, Instagram’s new algorithm helps influencers by prioritising their amazing content. Brands can tap into this increased engagement and potential reach through influencer marketing. At Tailify we work with a community of content creators, we connect brands with relevant influencers to tell their stories in a meaningful way.

Influencers can sign up to our platform here Brands can get in touch here

Nicola Fay Account Executive

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