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Here at Tailify we truly believe in the power of Influencers. We’re always trying to gain more insights and understand our community of influencers, in order to create an impactful product. Here are a few highlights from our early research.

According to a study from Influencer Marketing Hub, the average engagement rate on Instagram for Influencers of 100k+ is 1.7%. Our Community has, on average, 125k followers with an engagement rate of 2.5% and a CPM of 6.9$

Sweden has the highest average price per influencer. Swedish Influencers cost, on average, 2,142$ whereas Spanish Influencers cost 684$. This could be explained by the fact that Sweden has been using Influencer Marketing for longer, therefore, making the market more mature.

For categories, food is currently at the top with an average cost of 1,672$ and the cheapest category is Men’s fashion with an average of 576$.

From our latest influencer survey, it was clear that they are looking for a way to manage new opportunities without losing control. 70% of our Influencers declared not having an agent, mostly because they couldn’t see the point of having one and preferred managing incoming opportunities themselves. At Tailify, our goal is to create a product that will empower them and provide them with the tools they need to continue doing what they do best.

Nawal El Mansali Influencer Product Manager


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