Events on Steroids

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Every other day we meet with clients who claim events are an integral and critical part of their marketing plan for 2019. When hosting an event, there is often a high fixed cost attached to it. There is also a limit to how many people can attend that event. It puts tremendous pressure on brands to get the right people there. So how do you get the right people there and how do you enable thousands or even millions of people to experience the event even though it can only host a hundred? Welcome to events on steroids. Welcome to a time where you can ensure you get the right people to your event every single time, and where the event is suddenly available to experience for millions of your target customers. Here at Tailify, we believe influencers should be at the core of your event strategies. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what the purpose of the event is, there is always a purpose for leveraging the power of influencers. Even if you want it to be a closed and exclusive event, you better get the influencers to tell their followers HOW closed and exclusive it was…

Last year Tailify hosted and organised over 35 influencer events. In this post, we are going to explain how you can improve your event efforts, by using influencers. We’ll do this by showcasing four different types of influencer campaigns we carried out last year. Example 1: Carolina Herrera What: Product Launch

When: You need to boost an exclusive event

Many brands especially within fashion and beauty host events on the regular. Some of them get supermodels as their brand ambassadors. But how do you reach the masses and the niches at the same time? We invited beauty and fashion influencers to Carolina Herrera's launch for their latest perfume GOOD GIRL. In this way we manage to reach tribes with specific interest in ladies fragrances and beauty. To celebrate the launch the brand had invited a few key selected people from the industry and press to experience the origins of the perfume with the brands lead perfumer, the process behind of creating the iconic stiletto bottle design and listen to the creative director and the muse discuss the brand vision.

The event resulted in over 70 unique posts from 10 influencers across multiple social media platforms.

Tailify services included influencer logistics, contracts, briefing, management and reporting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example 2: Drax Projects

What: An exclusive concert at a London rooftop When: You're a new band in town

We all know how difficult it is to make it within the music industry, especially when you're new.

The emerging New Zealand band Drax Project had never been to the UK before they got booked to support Camila Cabello on a concert at O2 Academy in Brixton. The music label decided that they need to start building their fanbase in the UK and proposed an influencer meet up at the hotel would be a great way to introduce the band to the UK audience. We thought it could become a far more engaging experience than that.

Within 48 hours we had put together Drax Project's first ever UK concert on a rooftop overlooking London. We managed the event from start to finish and brought key influencers, industry people and curious people walking past to meet with the band and experience their songs in a unique and intimate way.

Tailify services included hosting the event logistics, influencer management and reporting. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example 3: Norwegian What: An all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas When: You want to bring followers on an adventure

Promoting airlines can be tricky. In cases where you only get a few seconds of attention from people, in a print or banner ad, the focus will most likely be on the price and the locations to which this airline can take you. Travelling is much more than that. It’s about a number of experiences that creates memories that can last for a lifetime. That is why you fly to a certain place. In a co-operation with Norwegian, we brought Isabella Thordsen to Las Vegas for a week of incredible events and experiences. The followers got to follow her during visits to art exhibitions, helicopter rides, award-winning restaurants and much more. They got to experience all this up-close. It turned into a blog post, Instagram pictures, stories and YouTube videos. Using the influencer content for other marketing mediums is always a good idea. In this case, Norwegian did just that as they turned her adventure into a TV commercial. They say "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". However, we are sure some experiences stay in your memory forever.....

Tailify services included strategy, influencer vetting, campaign management, contracts, reporting and travel logistics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example 4: KitchenAid What: A night of cooking with a blender When: You want to put product use in context

There are products and services we can all use and benefit from, but that we initially are not sure what for. A premium blender is one of those things. It’s something that you can use to prepare and improve every meal you have. Something that can become an integral part of your meal preparations and your life.

With KitchenAid, we wanted to show people how a blender can improve your cooking and kitchen experience. We brought influencers within the food community on Instagram to KitchenAid’s experience store in London for an evening of cooking. Following recipes for appetizers, mains and desserts the influencers showcased the variety of dishes you can make with the KitchenAid Power Plus blender. Their followers got to see that blenders are not just for making smoothies, and how much more fun it can be cooking food with the help of a premium blender.

Tailify services included influencer selection, strategy, event logistics, campaign management and reporting.


Conclusion: As events continues to grow in popularity among brands, and influencers becoming an important factor in the consumer decision making journey - there is tremendous value in using influencers for your events. It doesn't matter what type of event it is, influencers will become an extension of your voice and broadcast it to millions of your target customers in an authentic way that resonates with the audience. Last but not the least, it will make the results tangible, as you can measure exactly how many you've reached, who's engaged in the posts and ultimately the ROI. It's events on steroids. If you want to know more about how to do influencer marketing right. Let us know. Authors: Fredrik Martini Andersson - Head of Campaigns: Kristofer Löfqvist - Senior Account Manager:


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