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They say content is king, but really it’s the audience.

Influencers frequently strive to learn what will keep their audience invested and engaged. By regularly asking their followers what type of content they want to see more of they learn about what is important to them. In this way, the influencer is in-turn influenced by their audience. This practice is beneficial to the influencer in building a following and a relationship with that following. But it is also beneficial to a brand. Any collaboration will have a greater impact when a brand’s content is aligned with what the influencer’s audience want to see.

@imlaurabradshaw for Natural Cycles

They have adapted to the feedback and are becoming lifestyle influencers, with content across a wider range of topics. This renders their content more credible and authentic as it creates a full picture of the person behind the images. In terms of impact, it’s far more realistic that this lifestyle influencer who regularly features food content would genuinely use the latest kitchen product as opposed to a well-known actress. The lifestyle influencer has emerged as a viable and affordable choice for marketers looking to leverage massive and engaged audiences. 74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions, so it’s imperative that the person a brand chooses to convey their message must be the right fit. The lifestyle influencer can team up with a variety of different categories of brands, all looking to capitalize on the “normalcy” of their life. As such, the lifestyle influencer’s reach can have a higher actual impact on sales than if it were put in-front of that well-known actress’s followers.

@justinickpgh for the Baxter of California Life Lived True Campaign

Instagram have adapted too. With Instagram Stories, Instagram enables influencers to go beyond the limits of one type of content or category and can find more opportunities by making their life their content. What was once the fashion influencer is now the ‘lifestyle influencer’, who feature much more than what they’re wearing on their Instagram. The increase in usage reflects this with Instagram announcing in October 2014 that people were spending 21 minutes per day overall on Instagram. Last month, Instagram made another announcement that users under the age of 25 spend an average of 32 minutes per day on the platform and that the reason for this increase in engagement is down the launch of Instagram Stories.

@emmagraceland for Rosetta Stone

At Tailify, we understand that the audience is key to successful influencer marketing. We assess a range of factors when finding relevant influencers for brands. Chief among them is what the audience thinks. We work hard to ensure that the person looking for a new product to try, place to visit or brand to discover, views an influencer as their trusted advisor. With a contact book of multi-faceted lifestyle influencers covering a wide range of topics, content and #ads on their feed, we can ensure we’re putting the right content in the right place to appeal to the interests of the follower scrolling through.

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