5 Trends Transforming Influencer Marketing

Influencers have taken the marketing world by storm and all the top companies are rushing to get influencers on board for their marketing campaigns. Here are five trends that show influencer marketing continues to grow.

1. Wider pool of influencers Reports suggest there are over 300 hours of new video content being posted on YouTube every minute! With more and more people attempting to become an influencer, influencer marketing is expanding at an extremely high pace! As creative individuals keep trying their luck at becoming the next Zoella, it seems influencer marketing will only keep expanding. This allows companies to choose from a wider pool of influencers and promotes competition among influencers to post the best possible content. Brands can build relationships with influencers whose accounts are growing by the day.

2. Influencers are taking on the role of content creators This is great for companies and influencers alike as influencers are allowed creative freedom and companies have less to worry about. Viewers prefer content influencers create themselves so there is high engagement and positive feedback. Influencers not only take into account the brand they collaborate with but also their loyal followers and how best to engage them with their content. Brands can also utilise the content by sharing on their own accounts.

3. Live videos and stories are the next big thing Stories have been a recent addition to Facebook and Instagram. Stories and live videos come off as more personal than usual Instagram posts which is why it may prove to be very successful with their users. Stories are uploaded as ‘live’ and in ‘real time’ and give followers a glimpse into the influencers life and are seen as more authentic. Also with live content, influencers get more freedom to be as creative as they want to be. Influencers are still testing the waters with stories and live videos but as it is getting popular, we can expect it to be the next big marketing channel.

4. Technology and devices are growing to support Influencer Marketing Snapchat has recently announced that now you can add in links to your stories – this is brilliant news for influencers and companies alike as it makes influencer marketing much more effective. The live element and time restriction gives followers a sense of urgency to click through if it’s a discount code they can avail of for a limited time only. Instagram lists stories at the top of feed which means users are in first contact with stories – moreover, with the popular stories appearing in the Explore page, the reach of stories has soared.


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